Wellness In Ramadan

Huawei approached us and made it very clear from the start that their new European headquarters had to be both stylish and unconventional, while still keeping true to their Asian heritage. Together with the client’s in-house consultants and our resident architects we were able to complete this project within the estimated time frame.

Empowering Muslims on the Path to Success and Wellness
Eid Event- Overcoming the fear of failure.
Get Active Social- Mini Golf Social.
Workplace Islamophobia - Palestine Fundraiser.
Networking lunch

Guests gain invaluable insights into enhancing work-life balance and reshaping their path to success and well-being as entrepreneurs or future leaders within their organisations. They uncover the Secrets of Success and Well-being with our Star Speaker, Shahzad Younas, Founder of MUZZ APP.

Failure profoundly impacts the mental and emotional well-being of many individuals, potentially shaping or breaking a person. This event was designed to celebrate failure and uncover its true meaning.

Mental health and legal experts guided guests on how they can protect themselves mentally and Legally from Workplace Islamophobia. Experts have also guided trauma navigation amid the Palestine genocide using modern and Islamic perspectives.

An opportunity for Muslims to stay active after a long day at work and connect on a new level. the work-play environment allows for relaxed conversations, and building meaningful relationships with other Muslim professionals.